Bespoke Orders

We offer a bespoke service to all our clients. All out bespoke projects are unique and we will never make the same design for two different clients. We reserve the right to keep one copy of each design in Kay Konecna Studio Archive. The archive copies are made of base metal are not for resale. They are used to document all our past designs.

The bespoke process can vary depending on the type of jewellery and client’s deadline, however, it usually takes between 5 to 8 weeks from the moment the design is approved and deposit paid.

Bespoke Process

The bespoke process is a collaborative and intimate experience for our clients. 

  1. After our initial conversation over the phone or via email, we arrange our first meeting to discuss your bespoke commission. You will receive a ‘Bespoke Brochure’ by email with an outline of a design brief and details to consider before you come to our first meeting. The meeting takes approximately one hour and can happen in-person in London or online via Skype. At the meeting we will discuss your ideas and expectations, together we fill in the brief in your ‘Bespoke Brochure’ and agree on your budget and completion time.

  2. We will then ask you to pay a retainer fee of £250 to cover the expenses associated with stone sourcing and design work. The fee will be deducted from the final price of your bespoke commission. The fee is non-refundable unless the extend of the work described in our contract has not been delivered. Please see your individual contract for details.

  3. Once the contract is signed, we will arrange another meeting within the following 14 days and present you five design options and respective stone choices that follow your brief, budget and completion date we outlined together. We will talk you through each of the designs and stone options and answer all questions you might have. We will ask for your feedback regarding the designs. If commissioning a ring, its size needs to be finalised at this point.

  4. You will be given a password to your personalised bespoke page on our website, where you will find a copy of the brief, the timeline and expected completion date with a tracker, all contracts and receipts for payments, all design options we presented you with and their respective feedback you provided, detailed photographs of the stones used for each of the designs and any other suggestions, ideas and points that were discusses during our meetings. This personalised bespoke page is where we will store all information regarding your bespoke project to be used as a reference. It will be regularly updated to keep you informed about the process. You can follow the project at any time that suits you.

  5. Once you choose your preferred design, we will then tweak it, if necessary, based on your feedback. You will be presented with a pencil drawing of the chosen design showing you the top, side and front of the design made in 1:1 scale. We do not use Computed Aided Design (CAD) to model our jewellery and therefore we will not be able to provide you with a computer render.

  6. To confirm the design and start production we require a payment of 50% of the price of the bespoke project to be made. Your retainer fee would be discounted from the amount payable at this point. The payment can be made online through your personalised bespoke page, or via a bank transfer. We do not accept cash payments.

  7. Once we receive the payment we will start the production. The production time will be specified at the time of the payment, but is approximately 5-8 weeks. Please note that it can be longer in busier periods.

  8. During this time, we will keep updating your personalised bespoke page with photos and information regarding the progress of your bespoke projects.

  9. We will send you an email and update your bespoke page with photos once your bespoke piece is finished. We require a payment in full before the item can be collected or posted. We post bespoke items via a signed for service provided by FedEx.

  10. All our bespoke items come with a certificate of authenticity and an appraisal form (required for insurance purposes). We also provide you with a care instruction brochure that covers all aspects of caring for your piece of jewellery, recommended service schedule and more.

Bespoke Fees

Our bespoke service starts from £1500. The final price will be calculated upon design completion and will be in accordance with your budget. If your budget is flexible, (e.g. preferably under £2800, but it can be stretched to £3000) please let us know. We will then present options that fit your preferred budget with upgrade options to £3000. All designs we present you with always reflect your budget and they never go above it.

We require a retainer fee of £250 after our initial meeting to cover expenses associated with stone sourcing and design work. The fee will be deducted from the final price of your bespoke commission if you decide to proceed. The fee is non-refundable unless the extend of the work described in our contract has not been delivered. Please see your individual contract for details.

To confirm your order we require a payment of 50% from the final price minus the retainer fee of £250.

The balance payment must be made before the bespoke item is collected or shipped.

It is possible to pay in instalments, but the item must be paid in full before it is collected or shipped. The payment calendar is subject to agreement.

What is Included in your Bespoke Fee

We provide the same service to all our bespoke client regardless of the amount they choose to spend on their bespoke project.


Services included in the bespoke fee:

  • Two meetings (in-person or via a video call), each for approximately one hour

  • Detailed bespoke brief form

  • Personalised password-protected bespoke page on our website with all information regarding your bespoke project, including notes, photographs, drawings, contracts and receipts of all payments.

  • Five design options with their respective stone options

  • Development of one chosen design

  • Weekly detailed progress updates published on your personalised bespoke page

  • Customer care assistance available on workdays between 9AM and 6PM

  • Custom made Kay Konecna Studio packaging (jewellery box, ribbon & gift bag)

Services payable extra:

  • Additional meeting (in-person or via a video call)

  • Additional design work and stone sourcing

  • Wax modelling prior to design confirmation

  • Other services outside of the bespoke package

Additional Information

We strive to provide the best experience for all out clients and accommodate their requests where possible. There are, however, some limitations to requests we can accept.

  • We work in silver, 9k, 14k and 18k gold, platinum and palladium. All our white gold items are in their natural colour without rhodium plating. Please let us know if you wished to have your item rhodium plated.

  • We only work with recycled metals (silver and gold) provided for us by our precious metal supplier. If you have items of jewellery that you no longer wear, we can recycle those items for you and use the £ amount towards your bespoke project. We are, however, unable to guarantee that the exact same metal would be used in your new bespoke item. See our recycling page for more information.

  • We do not accept/work with precious metal grain, sheet or wire provided to us/sourced by our customers under any condition.

  • If you have your own diamonds and other gemstones you would like to use for your bespoke projects, please let us know at early stage of our communication. Before moving forward we need to examine the stones for any surface and internal imperfections, cracks or chips. We reserve the right not to accept stones that have been damaged or those we fear would not withstand the stone setting process.

  • All diamonds we use are conflict-free and responsibly sourced. Most of our diamonds come straight from the source from small family businesses and we ourselves can guarantee their origin.

  • We provide a GIA certificate for white diamonds bigger than 1ct. Salt and pepper and coloured diamonds and coloured gemstones do not come with a certificate. Their specifications are listed in the appraisal form you receive with your bespoke piece.

  • All Kay Konecna Studio items are registered and hallmarked by London Assay Office.

  • All bespoke and custom items’ designs remain an intellectual property of Kay Konecna Studio. They cannot be shared, reproduced, copied or otherwise used without a written consent by Kay Konecna Studio under any circumstances.

  • If you decided not to go ahead with any of the five designs presented to you, you are not permitted to reproduce, share, copy or otherwise use any of the designs or have a piece of jewellery made based on any of those designs. They remain the intellectual property of Kay Konecna Studio. If you wished to purchase any of the designs presented to you, please email for details.

  • We do not provide a breakdown of the price of our bespoke pieces. We can prepare versions of a design using different stones/different purities of gold and priced at different levels.

  • We cannot accept liability for ring sizes that we ourselves did not measure. We offer jewellery service and are able to resize most rings (eternity bands and textured rings are exceptions). Please email to inquire.