Ring Sizing Guide

Dimensions and sizes are displayed on each Product Page. We use both metric and imperial measurements for earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

We use EU ring sizes (the inner circumference of a ring) as they are the most accurate and most easily translated to other sizes.

To search for the size that interests you, please use our Size Chart which should help you find the right fit.

If you can’t see your ring size or require assistance, please email us at studio@kaykonecna.com

We always recommend visiting your local jewellery shop and having your finger professionally measured. If this is not possible, we have a complimentary ring size you can order online - Kay Konecna Studio Ring Sizer.

If you already own a ring that fits you well but you forgot what size it is, you can use our guide to find out.

Please note that this method would only give you an approximate ring size and it can’t be regarded with the same authority as a ring size given to you by a professional jeweller. We unfortunately cannot take responsibility for the correctness of your ring sizes and their fit unless we ourselves measured you.


Ring Size Chart


Circumference of Your Finger in mm EU Ring Size US Ring Size UK Ring Size
45 mm 45 3 3/8 G
46 mm 46 3 3/4 H
47 mm 47 4 1/4 I
48 mm 48 4 1/2 I 1/2
49 mm 49 5 J 1/2
50 mm 50 5 1/4 K 1/2
51 mm 51 5 3/4 L
52 mm 52 6 M
53 mm 53 6 1/2 N
54 mm 54 6 3/4 N 1/2
55 mm 55 7 1/4 O 1/2
56 mm 56 7 1/2 P
57 mm 57 8 Q
58 mm 58 8 1/2 Q 3/4
59 mm 59 8 7/8 R 1/2
60 mm 60 9 1/8 S
Please note: These conversions are approximate and can differ depending on the ring gauges used to determine your ring size. We work with European sizes which is the measurement of the circumference of your finger.
All rings can only be ordered in EU sizes.