Behind the Scenes

Each item is entirely made by hand in our London studio. To create my collections, I design a delicate, layered pattern with miniature holes marking the beginning and the end of each line. A flat sheet of metal is the starting point for all pieces. I pierce the pattern by hand, layer by layer and only then start forming the volume. I never use laser or water-jet cutting to create my jewellery and I take pride in making everything by hand. As precise as I am, you can find evidence of hand work in each of my pieces if you look closely.

I developed this unique technique while I was studying at Central Saint Martins and it has since became synonymous with Kay Konecna Studio.

I am able to produce only a limited number of pieces each year and I take immense pride in keeping my production small. I split my time between working on collections that are available for purchase from the website and creating bespoke pieces for our Studio customers.

Our customers come to us to find one-of-a-kind, small series jewellery that is made in the traditional way, but is inherently modern.