I love symbolism that is universal, but triggers a very personal memory. The gentle curve of the landscape you can see from your window reflects in the curve of the earrings you wear. The same shape or volume reminds each one of us of something different and personal to us.

At university, I designed an entire collection based on a specific landscape. It was a secret map, where each piece represented a section of that landscape.

Since then, I have created several bespoke pieces based on a specific place - the shape of the piece followed the curve of the horizon or its volume mirrored the actual landscape. Visually, the pieces of jewellery looked like the rest of my collection, but to the clients they held a very personal meaning private to them.

To find out more about our bespoke service, email me at studio@kaykonecna.com


silver and gold vermeil jewellery by independent jewellery designer Kay Konecna Studio
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