Nebo Flower Ring

Nebo Flower Ring


Inspired by the otherworldly flowers from the fictional City of Nebo. Nebo Flower ring is composed of many angled surfaces which catch and reflect light like thousand mirrors. Its charm is most visible in semi darkness - when everything else is hidden in shadows, the ring will reflect and amplify the smallest amount of light.

  • 18ct yellow gold plated sterling silver (approx. 18gr)

  • Height 28mm, width 18mm

  • Handmade in London

Please note, this is a ‘pre-order item’, all pieces are lovingly handmade in our London studio and can take between 1-2 weeks.

Please speak to us if you would like to commission the ring in a different colour (yellow gold, rose gold or black rhodium vermeil) or a different metal (9k, 14k or 18k gold, platinum, palladium)*.

*Price changes apply